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new Simblr is set up!

As I said, I’m starting afresh. Before this jolly enlightenment, I’ve deleted 95% of my CC and have trashed all my sims folder lol. Meaning, I have to download a fuckton of stuffs. by fuckton i mean fuckton ._.

My new simblr is set up, but it will be a few days until I actually play the game and post new content

by then, see you in my new land! for anybody who is interested in my content, please follow me here:


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I’m starting afresh

I really DO miss this place ;A;

I plan on (casually) simming again, just taking pictures

I’m currently redownloading shittons of cc :)

I’ll make a new simblr when I’m ready and I’ll put the URL here

See you guys then!

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holy crap you guys. also, why do people follow fest me when i’m leaving? hahaha

1. Hi! Thank you so much! I don’t know yet, maybe I will. We’ll see when TS4 comes out :) As of now, I have just about enough of TS3 lol

2. Hi! Thank you!! <3 I wish you the same, non!


4 . & 7. Hello! I’m in law school :) I major in Business Law. Naturally, I’m applying to Law Firms next year. Also, nice to hear that you have interests in my sims! They need a warm, new home hahaha

5. I can’t thank you enough for writing this for me, the amount of appreciation messages I’ve received are enough to make me all fuzzy and warm inside ;__;

6. Errr, depends on your internet connection? You can download it one by one or download it as a zip, pretty sure there’s an option for it

8. Thanks! <3

9. You mean all at once? Yeah there’s an option for downloading them all as a zip :) Just fiddle around, I think you can right click the folder tab at the left side and there’s an option for it

10. Merry Christmas! and happy new year <3

11. It especially makes me happy when I receive messages in my own language! Makasih yah! Lewatin sidangnya dulu XD

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Anonymous whispered:Are you going to delete your blog when you leave?? I hate when people do that 3: 

no i won’t :)

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1. lol? what do you want me to say?

2. awwww thank you so much! I’m still available if you want to talk ^__^ either through this tumblr msging or skype if you want!


4. Thank you!! <3

5. ouch ;__; but yes cookies. cookies rule.

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As you all may know, I am leaving the community due to shift of interest and ~real life~ responsibilities. However, I am leaving on a very very happy note! c:

As my departure joyfully intersects the festive season of Christmas, expect to be pampered with gifts! In this first part, I present you shitloads of hair retextures I’ve kept for myself all this time (selfish, I know! ahahaha)

The collection consists of mostly female hairs, with a few select ones enabled for male. They range from Peggy oldies to hairs released a few months ago. Since, obviously, I won’t be making previews for each and every one of them, above are the custom thumbnails.

Enjoy! credits to every single mesher whose hairs are included here. you guys are awesome! you too aWT!


MEGA FOLDER (including custom thumbnails inside)

Part 2 will be all my sims! Wait for it! :3

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Announcement of a sort?

Hi! You may or may not remember me! But I’m alive! How are you guys?

Well, I’m here with both good and (maybe) bad news.
I’ve been on hiatus for several months due to college. I’ve now finished my thesis and is waiting for the schedule for thesis defense. My graduation will be around May, and I, supposedly, will be a legit ~member of the society~, so to speak.

As much as I love The Sims and the Simblr community, everything has an end. During my hiatus, I feel like I’ve been kinda losing interest in the game. Now, even I, feel like I’m throwing away my most cherished treasure. However, I also plan to change laptop, which mean I have to go through an ordeal to install all the EPs if I were to continue playing. Moreover, my future profession will provide me with very little to no time playing The Sims. Even if I get some free time, I feel like I’d rather do something than playing The Sims.

That said, I feel obliged to announce that I will go to a permanent hiatus. Both Sunpi and Sunpi Land will stay open ^__^ don’t worry. I will also log in every now and then, so I will not vanish without a trace! Feel free to send me messages, even though I cannot promise I that I can get back to you pronto.

Lastly, as a parting gift, I’m uploading every single hair retexture that I haven’t shared with you. Hold on tight!

Thank you so much for 1 year++ of fun and friendship! <333

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people still follow me? ;__;

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Hi! :)

@Anon: Actually this has been answered a few times, please check my FAQ :D but to answer the question, most of it is just blank colored background with ingame lighting. Sometimes I use photoshop to enhance the effect

@pixel-pudding: ;___; thank you so much for such a warm message! The way I edit my pics vary from pictures to pictures. For casual looking pictures, I currently have my own action (i’ll share it later on!) I usually also sharpen pics once, then fade the sharpen into 50% opacity :) Hope those helps! and thank you so much once again! Your sims are adorable too <3

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The screenshot above was, is, and will be my life for the next 3 months.

an early HAPPY HALLOWEEN tho! c:

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